The Cheesehead Weekly

Who Cut The Cheese is a new Food Truck that just recently hit the Fort Wayne streets. It’s been a long journey for our owner, Lori Koble, but all of her perseverance paid off last Friday at our first event. We were at Croninger Elementary for two hours helping to raise money for new playground equipment for the school. It was a wonderful experience to showcase our delicious Gourmet Grilled Cheese and debut the truck itself.


After such a successful first outing, we are excited to start a full week of appearances. WCTC is ready to change everything you thought you knew about Gourmet Grilled Cheese and broaden your horizons to flavor combinations you wouldn’t imagine. In order to stay connected to all of you cheese heads, we have this website, plus a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account so you devoted followers will know what we are up to and where we will be parked.

This blog will also keep you up to speed on all the shenanigans that this inaugural summer will bring to all of us on the WCTC truck. Please feel free to tweet us and or use the tag #whocutthechzfw we want to know how amazing we are doing and we want to know what you think could be better. We can’t wait to meet all of you cheesehead’s at our various locations and events this summer!!

Until next time Fort Wayne- keep it cheesy!

Humble cheese cutter,

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