At Who Cut the Cheese??, we aren’t predictable. We like to leave you guessing about what cheesy goodness we are perfecting that day.

Each day, we serve a minimum of 6 savory Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. We also switch it up with our Dessert Grilled Cheese.

All of our Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches are made with GK Bakery’s Pullman Loaf, which is a white bread enriched with butter and non-fat milk solids.

Drool over the ooey-gooey toppings stuffed inside each Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwich by reading our menu below!

    Oh My Gouda

    Dutch Smoked Gouda, Vidalia Onions, and Mushrooms on Ted's Market House Sourdough

  • Blondeis Choice
    Blondie's Choice

    Aged Swiss Cheese, Smoked Turkey Breast, Peppered Bacon, Avocados, and in-house Garlic Aoli all on Pullman Loaf.

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather

    Fresh Mozzarella, Locally Grown Tomatoes,  Fresh Basil, and Balsamic Glaze on Ted's Market House Sourdough

  • truffled grilled cheese
    Truffle Grilled Cheese

    Murray's Truffle Cheese on fresh baked Pullman Loaf basted with Truffle Butter and topped with Caramelized Shallots

    3 Little Pigs

    Tillamook 3 Cheese Blend, in house Pulled Pork, Peppered Bacon, and Black Forest Ham on fresh baked Pullman Loaf

  • The Morning After
    The Morning After

    Tillamook 3 Cheese Blend Black Forest Ham, Egg, Grilled Tomatoes, and Grilled Onions on Pullman Loaf  

  • The Don Ho
    Don Ho

    Tillamook 3 Cheese House Blend, Black Forest Ham, Pineapple, and our in house BBQ Sauce on our popular Pullman Loaf

  • WCTC Mama Mia
    Mama Mia

    Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Fresh Basil, and in-house Marinara served on fresh baked Pullman Loaf with a Cheesy Basting for added flavor

  • mouse-trap-2-1024x768
    The Mousetrap

    Our famous 3 Cheese Blend on Pullman Loaf basted with Grated Parmesan and Butter Mixture

  • TIn cap

    Tillamook 3 Cheese Blend, Peppered Bacon, Granny Smith Apples, drizzled with Maple Syrup on Pullman Loaf

  • Curd it Be Love NEW
    Curd It Be Love

    Double Cream Brie, in house Lemon Curd and Blueberry Preserves on fresh baked Pullman Loaf

  • go fig or go home
    Go Fig or Go Home

    Double Cream Brie and our in house Apricot Fig Jam on Pullman Loaf

  • Not Your Mamas Grielled Cheese
    Not Your Mama's Grilled Cheese

    Homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese as croutons.

  • tater tots
    Master Taters

    Tator Tots, our 3 Cheese Blend, Sausage, and Bacon Crumbles topped with in house Pico de Gallo, Fried Egg, and drizzle of Ranch Dressing

  • hand-cut-fries
    Hand Cut Fries

    Our cripsy Hand Cut Fries

  • handcut cheese fries
    Ooey Gooey Cheesy Fries

    Our Hand-Cut Fries smothered in our 3 Cheese Blend

  • WCTC pountine fries
    Poutine Fries

    The Canadian version of Cheese Fries. Our Handcut Fries and Cheese Curds smothered by our in-house Beef Gravy and topped with a Fried Egg.

  • Bacon and Bleu Tater Tots
    Bacon ’n Bleu Tots

    Tater Tots, our in-house ‘Nunya sauce, Danish Bleu Crumbles, Bacon and Cheese

  • FullSizeCheese CurdsRender (2)
    Deep Fried Cheese Curds

    Our Beer Battered Wisconsin Cheese Curds, deep fried golden to perfection. Served with ranch dressing or marinara.

  • hog-heaven
    Hog Heaven

    Hand Cut Fries topped with our in house Pulled Pork, shredded cheese blend, then drizzled with our BBQ Sauce and Ranch Dressing